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Commercial and Industrial Tank Linings in Wisconsin

When your commercial or industrial tank shows tear and wear or impending leakage signs, you know it’s high time to call the professionals. Installation of tank linings in Wisconsin requires professional application services and using a suitable coating to ensure the high performance of the tank – keeping the contents safe and protecting the substrate material. At Kinsman Coatings, we offer expert tank lining services and put only the most experienced hands to work and use the best lining products. Contact us for more information on tank lining projects or to get a custom quotation for your tank lining project.

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What’s a tank lining?

A tank lining is a special coating applied inside a tank to create a thick, impermeable barrier. Subsequently, Wisconsin tank linings prevent leakage, chemical contamination of the tank’s contents, and corrosion of the tank.

Tank linings protect the internal surfaces of tanks holding contents such as potable water, solvents, alkaline or acidic chemical liquids, and even oil. Tank linings in Wisconsin are used on various tank types, from water tanks to industrial-grade tanks.

Some storage vessels that qualify for a lining include:

  • Steel and concrete tanks
  • Potable water tanks
  • Truck tankers
  • Bulk dry-storage tanks
  • Reactors
  • Rail tank cars
  • Pipe linings
  • Crude oil tanks
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Generally, tank linings should prevent the common adverse conditions that accompany the substance being stored without contaminating it while protecting the vessel’s interior.

Achieving these goals requires Wisconsin tank linings to be adherent, temperature resistant, chemical resistant, hygienic, and applicable over previously installed substrates and create a continuous, impermeable barrier.

Common Types of Tank Linings in Wisconsin

The ideal lining should protect the tank’s interior while preventing the contamination of the contents. Steel tanks are standard in many industrial and commercial settings, but tank linings in Wisconsin can also be used on plastic, metallic, and concrete tanks.

Choosing the wrong lining may lead to contamination, softening, and failure of the lining, which may have severe consequences. So, it’s essential that you know some popular linings and how they are used.

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  • Epoxy Tank Linings

    Linings made from epoxy material are versatile and developed to resist chemical corrosion and reduce VOC emissions. They can also withstand high-temperature conditions.

    Since epoxy is a solvent-free and moisture tolerant material, epoxy tank linings in Wisconsin are obvious picks for water tanks. However, it is also used in steel, chemical, concrete, cargo, and high-temperature tanks.

  • Polyurea Tank Linings

    Polyurea has only started gaining popularity in the tank lining industry recently. It offers perfect flexibility, strength, and durability when used as a tank lining. More interesting are its elongation properties – it can expand up to nine times the average lining material due to its high tensile strength.

    Polyurea linings are solvent-free and do not harbor the risk of VOC emissions. They are also moisture insensitive and abrasion resistant. These properties make them applicable for wastewater tank linings, concrete tank linings, steel tank linings, and chemical tank linings.

  • Polyurethane Tank Linings

    Like epoxies, polyurethanes provide versatile linings that can be modulated to achieve the desired flexibility or brittleness. They also depict faster return-to-service times than epoxies and can be solvent-free, which makes them suitable for water tank linings, concrete tank linings, steel tank linings, and chemical tank linings.

  • Vinyl Ester Tank Linings

    These tank linings in Wisconsin are made from vinyl material and are highly resistant to chemical corrosion and contamination. Vinyl ester tank linings in Wisconsin can also withstand high temperatures, making them an excellent choice for chemical tank linings.

  • Stainless Steel Linings

    The practice of lining carbon steel tanks and vessels with stainless steel sheets began centuries back and was first used in the chemical industry. Today, polished and rough-surfaced stainless steel linings are still used to protect steel tanks from corrosion.

  • Cementitious Linings

    Epoxy and polymer-modified cementitious linings are the commonest types of cementitious linings on the market. These are commonly used in lining concrete tanks for water treatment and the containment of chemicals. Cementitious tank linings in Wisconsin are also ideal for waterproofing collection and retaining structures.

  • Zinc Tank Linings

    These tank linings contain zinc silicate material, which gives them anti-corrosive properties. The additives and binders of zinc tank liners also make these linings effective at waterproofing. Zinc linings fill up capillaries and pores and resist solvent activity, making them ideal for solvent tank linings and chemical tank linings.

Choosing Suitable Tank Linings in Wisconsin

Various factors guide the choice of tank linings in Wisconsin. To determine the most suitable lining for your project, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

  • What substance does the tank store?
  • For how long will the contents be stored?
  • What will be the extent of the storage temperature?
  • What’s the maximum permissible downtime during lining application?
  • What are the federal and local regulations regarding lining for your tank type?

Our technicians at Kinsman Coatings are experienced and informed on recent lining materials in the market and can help you choose the suitable lining for your tank.

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Why You Need Professionals for Your Tank Lining Project

Whether you’re looking for a fresh lining or restoring your tank’s old lining, hiring experts eliminates the hassle that comes with such a big project.

Having such projects drag and going for longer than expected can be expensive due to disruption of operations. It would help to work with professionals who will offer you a high-quality product and facilitate an application process that will get you up and running within no time.

Perhaps even more critical, tank-lining projects need professionals who understand the federal and local regulations of your field or industrial storage tanks.

Ultimately, a professional contractor will give you clear expectations, the best quality product, and get the job done right the first time to avoid contamination or spoilage.

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