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The development of polymers over the past 40 years has seen the introduction of game-changing roofing materials and products. Specifically, polymer-based coatings have become conventional for weatherproofing existing, structurally sound roofs. At Kinsman Coatings, we provide Wisconsin roof coatings services primarily to protect commercial roofs from harsh environmental and weather elements. Looking to prolong your existing roof’s life? Consider getting a roof coating from a professional applicator. Contact us via call or e-mail to speak to one of our technicians about your project.

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What is a Roof Coating?

Roof coatings are elastomeric, durable layers with higher solids content than paint. Coatings are typically formulated with high-quality resins and can be single-component or two-part systems. Water-based coatings are available on the market, but most are solvent-based.

According to the Roof Coating Manufacturers Association (RCMA), roof coatings can provide an additional measure of waterproofing since they are elastomeric and durable. Further, they have the potential to bridge tiny cracks and membrane seams.

Wisconsin roof coatings are considered to have restorative properties and the ability to provide a level of weather resistance. Yet, a roof coating’s primary function is to extend the service life of an existing roof and not act as a waterproofing layer.

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Why You Should Consider Roof Coatings in Wisconsin

To apply a roof coating or not. Most people blow hot and cold when deciding whether to apply a roof coating on their commercial buildings. In reality, there are more good reasons than bad to have a roof coating for your building.

Some of the benefits of roof coatings in Wisconsin that may help you make up your mind include:

Floor coatings in Wisconsin
  • Extends Roof Life Span

    Wisconsin roof coatings are primarily meant to protect the substrates beneath from continuous thermal expansion and contraction, chemical corrosion, and extreme weather conditions.

    Elastomeric coatings have low-temperature flexibility and high chemical resistance and elasticity. These properties make them ideal for offering protection to roofs and can offer up to 25 years of performance while maintaining the integrity of your roof.

    Roof coatings in Wisconsin come in various technologies, including acrylic, silicones, and polyurethanes, all of which have unique properties. Using any of these can prevent the detrimental effects of elements such as water, wind, and UV light.

  • Potentially Waterproofs Your Roof

    It may not be their chief function, but coatings may help seal leaks on your roof and prevent water intrusion. Depending on the make-up, coatings provide a monolithic, fully-bonded layer that may be up to four times the thickness of roof paint.

    While this thickness may not be much, it may be enough to keep water off the roofing system below. By bridging tiny spaces and membrane seams, a roof coating can help make your roof watertight.

  • Cost Savings

    Applying a new roof coating is a cost-effective method of waterproofing a new or existing roof. According to the RCMA, applying a roof coating is 70% less expensive than replacing a roof. Additionally, having top-quality Wisconsin roof coatings ensure minimal business or production disruption in your commercial building.

    The application of roof coatings also involves using low-cost installation tools, including brushes, brooms, squeegees, and basic, inexpensive spray equipment.

  • Safer Installation

    Roof coating application doesn’t involve using hot kettles, high-temperature tools, or open flames. At Kinsman Coatings, our application process is safe, and we take all measures to prevent specific safety concerns that may pose a risk to the building, occupants, and our contractors.

  • Improves Building’s Energy Efficiency

    Applying reflective roof coatings in Wisconsin is one way for commercial building owners to condition their buildings and make them energy-efficient. Roofs are often overlooked, but a roofing system can improve a building’s energy efficiency.

    Most roof coating materials are light-colored and reflective. Such coatings reduce the heat strain on the roof, lessening the urban heat island effect and the building’s cooling load. In turn, that might save thousands in yearly energy bills.

  • Boosts Aesthetics

    Uncoated roofs may fade and look inconsistent after years of taking the strain from weather and environmental conditions. Applying a colorful coating is an excellent way of improving the visual appearance of your roof, especially if there are high-rise buildings surrounding yours.

  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly

    Applying high-quality Wisconsin roof coatings eliminates the frequency of re-roofing, reducing the amount of material disposed of in landfills. Coatings also eliminate the use of tear-offs on roofing systems. Moreover, most coatings are made from polymers, which are eco-friendly materials.

Our Wisconsin Roof Coatings Application Process

At Kinsman Coatings, our application process includes the following considerations:

  • Product storage
  • Surface and substrate preparation
  • Need for a primer
  • Coating application
  • Curing and drying time
  • Product Storage
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  • Product storage

    Before getting on-site, we ensure that roof coatings are stored as close to room temperature as possible. A heated room or warehouse would be the preferred storage space in cold conditions. Water-based products are prone to freezing and may become useless if stored at or below zero degrees.

  • Surface and Substrate Preparation

    Thorough cleaning is key to coating adhesion. In addition to cleaning, roof surfaces must be allowed to dry completely. Cleaning removes dust, bitumen exudate, chalking film, grease, and other debris from the roof surface.

    When pressure-washing, we ensure that the integrity of the underlying roof membrane isn’t compromised, especially at the point with adhered seams. When using solvent-based coatings, we ensure that the surface is completely dry before application.

  • Need for Primer

    Primers are purposely meant to prepare roof surfaces to accept a coating and enhance adhesion. However, we never use this as a substitute for surface preparation. Usually, the substrate, coating type, and weather conditions guide us in deciding whether or not to use a primer before applying a roof coating.

  • Coating Application

    Once the roof surface is ready to receive the coating, we use suitable equipment to apply the coating. Our trained and experienced applicators understand the nuances of Wisconsin roof coatings application and can spot issues such as damaged deck and wet insulation.

  • Curing and Drying Time

    Water-based coatings show the best drying results when the ambient air temperature is 10 degrees or higher, and there is no rain for at least 24 hours. Solvent-based coatings can dry even in colder weather, but warmer temperatures can lessen the curing and drying time.

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