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Floor Coatings Wisconsin

Floor coatings in Wisconsin have become a common solution when it comes to preventing water, grease, and oils from seeping into or staining floors in residential and commercial buildings. Top-quality coatings prevent cracks on concrete floors as they act as protective layers. Floor coatings have also been the go-to solution fix in many homes and commercial establishments due to the eco-friendliness and effectiveness of the products on the market.

At Kinsman Coatings, we desire to bring the best products to our customers for any application. When it comes to floor coatings in Wisconsin, we combine our expertise and experience with the use of the best products for the desired results.

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Why Floor Coatings?

Floor coatings are generally used to prevent corrosion of steel reinforcement and where heavy surface wear is expected. A floor coating such as epoxy or polyurea is suitable for patching exposed surfaces and resurfacing applications.

Wisconsin floor coatings can also be used to:

  • Cover stained concrete
  • Brighten areas of facilities
  • Mark traffic aisles
  • Route traffic
Floor coatings in Wisconsin
  • Resistant to Chemicals

    Floor coating can withstand frequent exposure to chemicals without getting damaged or less effecting in any way. For this reason, it is suitable for the floors of industrial plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. Chemicals can be cleaned up without damaging the coating.

  • Durability

    Floor coating bonds effortlessly to existing floor surfaces, creating high-quality surfaces that will last and serve for years. With these qualities, floor coating in Wisconsin is an ideal choice for industrial and commercial spaces. It can withstand heavy machinery and the constant flow of forklifts and transport vehicles. After the first installation, floor coating will not need to be redone for an extended time.

  • Reduces Damage to Equipment

    As much as it is resistant to bearing the weight of machinery, the smooth surface created by a floor coating is more suitable for transporting machinery. This floor coating reduces wear and tear, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

  • Heat Resistant

    Once it’s dried, the floor coating can resist high heat levels. Floor coating such as epoxy has a heat limit of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat resistance is ideal for factories, kitchen flooring, and even garages.

  • Cost Effective

    Wisconsin floor coating is an affordable option compared to current floor removal, purchase of new vinyl or tile, and additional installation costs. You do not need to remove your current flooring material, sparing your time and a pricey experience. Floor coating retains your existing floor while giving it a smooth and bright new look.

    Through professional installation, the process will be the most cost-effective option. Our professionals are experienced and help in taking necessary protective measures and avoiding poor application practices.

  • Easy To Maintain

    Floor coating has simple upkeep. There is a reduction of cement and dust particles from the floor coating covering the concrete. Unlike a plain concrete floor, you can quickly sweep and maintain the shiny surface. Salt from winter roads doesn’t affect the floor coating.

    The surface is also resistant to scratches if heavier cleaning appliances are needed. The resistant features mentioned earlier also help in maintenance, as the chemicals or water can easily be wiped out.

  • Safety and Visibility

    Floor coating is resistant to high temperatures, sudden impact, and slippages. Installing floor coating increases visibility in large spaces and rooms. Most floor coatings have an intense sheen that produces a stylish look, and this quality keeps you safe by increasing the amount of light in a space. As a result, injuries will decrease due to an increase in visibility.

    Additives also help increase stability, so falls are less likely to occur. You can request an additive when discussing a project with our company. Once cured, the coated floor is safe for you and your family.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Floor Coating Contractor

The availability of DIY kits makes it easy for homeowners and commercial building owners to take on these projects by themselves. However, this process poses risks, and hiring a professional contractor would be the best option to achieve the required results. Here is why you should consider contacting Kinsman Coatings for your next Wisconsin floor coatings project:

Polyurea Floor Coatings Wisconsin
  • Safety

    The repercussions of a lousy floor coating can get pretty dangerous. It doesn’t matter how careful you are while working. Without the experience and skills of a professional, it’s hard to achieve the best results safely. As much as floor coating materials are suitable for your floor and are meant to last, it’s not great for your skin.

    It would be best if you never compromised your health and safety. To get your floor coating in Wisconsin done, you can contact our company for the project. We’ll ensure your floors are done with ease, proper caution, and speed.

  • Floor Durability

    A coated floor looks great, but its benefits don’t stop at beauty. They not only amaze onlookers, but they also protect the material underneath.

    For materials like wood and porous floors, this matters greatly. For wood, the coating helps prevent mildew and mold. For these reasons, there is a high chance you’ll need the service.

  • Warranty

    While a professional service guarantees excellent results, it doesn’t eliminate the chances of damage. This doesn’t mean that the coating materials were low-quality or that the job was imperfect. Fluctuating temperatures or scraping furniture too hard against the floor could decrease the lifespan of the coating.

    Due to such reasons, you should always hire professional contractors for floor coatings in Wisconsin that offer warranties. By doing so, you ensure that you’re not liable for any damages that happen during this period.

  • Professional Finish

    Professional services are essential, especially when coating offices or working spaces. DIY floor coatings will also cost you more money than you save, even if you’re a homeowner.

    Many different coating materials and tools determine the outcome of a single job. While you might be thinking of saving on your budget, fixing mistakes might cost much more than hiring a professional.

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