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Commercial Insulation Wisconsin

Here at Kinsman Coatings, we offer professional commercial insulation in Wisconsin. If your organization relies upon its in-person structure for successful daily operation, then it is essential to protect your property with quality insulation. From retail stores to warehouses, we have the capacity to handle commercial insulation in Wisconsin, for projects of all sizes. We provide services for both new construction properties as well as existing structures that require old insulation removal.

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Why Spray Foam for Commercial Insulation?

Commercial insulation is much different than residential projects. The needs are larger and the ability to work efficiently is usually more important. Additionally, reliable insulation is imperative as well. Subsequently, Kinsman Coatings provides only the highest quality materials and works efficiently to complete all projects on time and with as little cost as possible. Our insulation and coating types include closed cell spray foam, open cell spray foam, and polyurea coatings. Here are some of the key benefits of commercial insulation in Wisconsin with Kinsman Coatings:

Pole Barn Insulation
  • Increased savings on heating and cooling costs – The EPA estimates that spray foam insulation can save property owners up to 15% of what they would otherwise use on heating and cooling costs each month.

  • Provides a more comfortable work environment – The comfort of your work environment likely (to an extent) dictates how productive your organization is as a whole. New insulation improves air quality, allows for a quiet environment, and helps control the inside temperature.

  • Helps prevent pest infestation in vulnerable areas – Pests often look for warm places to go during winters in Wisconsin. This includes your property’s attic, crawl space, and other vulnerable areas. New insulation with Kinsman Coatings helps prevent various types of pests from infiltrating your property.

  • Helps improve the structural integrity of your property – New commercial insulation from Kinsman Coatings can also help improve the longevity and overall condition of your property’s foundation and structure.

  • Reduces the risk of work delays due to insulation repair – Frequent repairs and early replacement of your property’s insulation can greatly set your organization back. Commercial insulation with Kinsman Coatings — and in particular spray foam insulation — can last for 70 years or more in many cases.

Spray foam insulation is one of the best forms of commercial insulation in Wisconsin. Spray foam combines polyol resin and isocyanate. Closed cell spray foam provides a 6-inch to 7-inch barrier and the best R-value you will find. We also offer open cell spray foam as well. We may also recommend polyurea coatings to further protect your commercial structure.

Closed cell spray foam

This form of commercial insulation is perhaps the highest quality solution on the market. It is denser and heavier than open cell spray foam. This ensures a reliable seal for your attic, crawl space, walls, and roof. Closed cell spray foam is also resistant to water and moisture. We typically recommend closed cell for properties that need the best climate control and comfort possible. This solution is perfect for commercial properties that are at higher risk of pest infestation as well. It is not uncommon for closed cell spray foam to last for a lifetime (close to 100 years).

Pole Barn Insulation
Pole Barn Insulation

Open Cell Spray Foam

Open cell spray foam is similar to closed cell spray foam in many ways. Of course, the chemicals that are used are the same; the installation process is similar as well. However, open cell spray foam expands more than closed cell. This means less material is needed to fill the same area, which helps save you money on installation costs. However, the durability and level of protection are not quite the same as it is with closed cell spray foam, although it is still more dependable and beneficial than fiberglass insulation and blown-in cellulose insulation. Open cell spray foam is highly resistant to water damage, pests, and other threats to your commercial property’s insulation. It also provides better noise control than closed cell spray foam as well.

Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea (a subset material of polyurethane) is a durable coating that seals and protects vulnerable areas of your commercial structure. Here are several examples of how polyurea has helped individuals in Wisconsin:

  • Protect exterior industrial components
  • Protect your basement from water and moisture
  • Seal off and restore your roof (flat included)
  • Coat floors reliably in industrial settings
  • Protect your truck bed liner
  • Protect your pool liner from tearing

There are many more possible uses for polyurea coatings. To discuss polyurea with one of our professionals, get in touch with us today. We are glad to answer your questions and help you decide if polyurea (or another solution) is right for your unique needs.

Pole Barn Insulation
Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Wisconsin

Our Commercial Insulation Process

Our commercial insulation in Wisconsin is a process that usually begins with a visit to your site for an inspection. Our insulation professionals gather information, inspect your site, and provide you with a service recommendation, estimate, and timeline. From there, we can schedule a time for service. Your project may involve the removal of your existing insulation (and other materials). Once the worksite is prepared, we start the insulation.

As discussed, this typically involves spray foam. We may ask for limited use of the worksite during certain parts of the installation to ensure the safety of everyone. We may also install polyurea coatings strategically according to the service plan. Once the insulation is complete, we clean the worksite to ensure it is spotless and the results are aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, we dispose of the waste and ensure you love the results. Of course, the process is unique for everyone based on their service needs.

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Commercial insulation in Wisconsin is vital to ensuring successful (and comfortable) work operations. Whether you own and operate a warehouse or office building (or another type of commercial property), we are able to meet your insulation need. We have the team and resources that it takes to get larger projects completed quickly and with quality results, which you will love. To learn more and get started, call us or send us a message today.

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